Shoes Wish List

I have far too many pairs of shoes as it is, but that doesn’t stop me window shopping! And these shoes are definite must-haves


These peep-toe lace up shoes are gorgeous! I mean honestly I can’t stop staring at them they look that good.


Platform metallic block heels! I wish I could walk in these shoes but sadly I will fall to my death- however, I can still appreciate how fabulous they look 🙂


Silver cleated gladiator sandals?! I’ll take 20!!!!! Just think of the ways you could accessorise these shoes and you can adapt them to many different looks.


These floral ankle boots would look so good at work and would be perfect for Spring.


Oh my God these look so 80’s glamour I love them!


Satin sock boots, my feet need to experience this! How often do you come across satin footwear? These are so unique and are a definite must have for any fashionista.

My Go-To Nail Polish Colour

Hello lovelies,

So this is just a post about my go-to nail polish colour, I hope you enjoy!

When I need to paint my nails (either because there’s half picked nail polish on them or I just want them coloured) my go to colour of choice is black:


That’s not me by the way, although I love the black and gold rings! But yes, I just think black is the best go-to shade because it’s perfect for adding a bit of grunge to your look, it can look more professional at interviews and plus we all know that black goes well with everything.

Also, I really love mixing it up and having black and white nails, it really adds something to your look and turns a simple style into something much cooler/prettier/creative.

I have to admit though, the only down side to having black nails is it can get boring- fast, like if it’s a nice sunny day you’ll think your nails look too dark for such gorgeous bright weather.

But still, in an emergency it will always be my go-to shade 🙂

What’s your favourite go-to nail colour? Let me know 🙂