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How to wear metallics

Metallics are everywhere right now! But I know most people wonder “how can I wear metallics? What do I wear with it?” and so buy something different dispite wanting to be a part of this latest trend. But not to worry! Here are some examples for you:


When it comes to metallic fashion, the metallic garment should be your only statement piece, too much and your look is ruined, always remember that less is more. I absolutely love this skirt because the outfit the model is wearing could be such a chic party look, but pair this skirt with a smart blouse and you’ve got an amazing work outfit that helps you stand out for all the right reasons.

787b64b0fe5c86a992c34be0cba640fa Look at this outfit by Debenhams for example, it’s workwear meets metallics and in my opinion it just looks so good!

Now shopping the latest trends can often be expensive (it’s sad but true) so how about some metallics on a budget?


Now the picture quality does not do justice for these gold shoes! But these shoes fit comfortably and are only Β£10 from Primark.

Still want a cheaper price? How about these:


These silver dolly shoes are so cute and pretty! The price? Β£3.50 from Primark! By the way, both pairs of shoes I’ve just mentioned come in a variety of colours! Definitely worth checking out!

Now we’ve covered fashion metallics, what about makeup?

8958889394206 MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lipstick, shade Luster.

This has fastly become my new favourite lipgloss! I know it’s called lipstick but it’s more like lipgloss so, anyway! It’s such an unsual but beautiful shade! And now only costs Β£2 at Superdrug. I think it definitely brings something unique to your makeup look and highly recommend trying it.

14457330_1215663135120648_7152449782521672250_n This is me wearing the Luster lipgloss and personally I found it to be suttle yet eye catching.


Speaking of eyes… This eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution is the palette I personally use! See the dark grey shade there? It was featured in my video Everyday Makeup Look for my eyebrows! See the gorgeous second pink shade? Creates a beautiful yet suttle look, if you want to make more of a statement I would try one of the darker shades of pink.

And let’s not forgot about our nails,


Admittedly the shade didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped, but next time I apply this shade I will be adding a base colour first, such as black for example, and hopefully that’ll really make this gold stand out! Where I’d it? Poundland! Gotta love some budget beauty!