Add Some Magic to Your Life with These Harry Potter Accessories from Primark

I love watching Harry Potter movies, Hogwarts truly is a home and the books turned a generation to reading! If you’re a potter fan like me then I’m sure you’ll love these accessories from Primark.


Show some support to your house/fellow Gryffindors with this cute keyring! It costs just £3 and is also quite subtle if you don’t want muggles to notice it!.


A stylish canvas bag with all the houses on it, I really like this because again it’s subtle and shows a true love of Hogwarts. £3


This satchel is gorgeous and super chic, I love how it’s just in time for the fall and looks very professional- you could certainly wear this bag to work and everyone would appreciate your look. £12


Keep your makeup safe with this cute Ravenclaw makeup bag, you should totally buy the Harry Potter makeup brushes to match with it! £4


Someone’s birthday coming up? Stuck for ideas? A wallet is probably a classic birthday present idea and any Potter fan would love to get this. £6


Perfect for back to school shopping, I really like the red and black stripes on this backpack; This could also be a gift idea for if someone has a birthday coming up. £12.


Embrace your inner Hufflepuff with this cute canvas bag, I really love the yellow strap! It’s so simple yet so cute. £3


Or, show the muggles who’s superior with this Slytherin canvas bag, just don’t style your hair like Bellatrix Lestrange…… £3.


Remember, “It is our choices that show us what we truly are far more than our abilities” – Albus Dumbledore 




Monthly Favourites

Hello lovelies,

Checkout this month’s favourites! Fashion, jewellery, makeup- let me know which ones are your favourite 🙂


Pearls are an absolute must-have (especially for me), they can add instant sophistication to your look as well as elegance and grace. £2 from Primark.


This fluffy cuff looks like something out of scream queens! (series 1, when the fashion was incredible). It also kind of reminds me of clueless when Cher has that fluffy pink pen, if you’re a fan of either I think you’ll definitely love this cuff. £3 from Primark


Unicorn makeup brushes! These look so beautiful and just beg you to use them! £13 from Forever21


These thigh-high socks are so cute, I really like the lilac colour! Match with some cute white heels for a girly/preppy look. £5 from Forever21


How cute is this little party hat hair clip? And with Halloween soon approaching it’ll be perfect for if you’re going as a clown/jester. £3 from Forever21

R35397151964882-large nrm_1404761280-cos-03-aria-earrings

These gold drop down earrings remind me of a pair of earrings worn by Lucy Hale in an episode of Pretty Little Liars (pictured above). £4 from Primark.


Oooh I really like this sleeveless waterfall cardigan, I think it’ll really add some chic to your look and would highly recommend pairing it with black garments such as a black top, trousers, etc. £8 from Primark.


Silky smooth boots? Yes please! I absolutely love the royal blue colour of these boots, they look gorgeous and very fashionable! £16 from Primark.


This two tone bodycon dress is heaven! It’s so fashionable and you can easily accessorize it with a bold red lipstick, black/white shoes the possibilities are endless. £22 from Amazon.


Lipsticks with a light/baby pink shade are my go-to shades, this glittery matte sugar pink lipstick looks adorable, flirty and fun. £1.50 from Primark.



Red Hot Fashion!

Red is the IT colour right now and here’s some red hot fashion pieces you need to add to your wardrobe right now.


This military jacket is certainly unique with its puffy sleeves! An interesting new take to a classic piece.


I really like the detail to this Asymetric mini skirt, it certainly stands out more than a normal mini skirt. Perfect to wear in the office.


I’m so in love with the bow detail on these trousers! It’s adorable! Pair with a black blazer and look totally bad ass at work.


Such a feminine bralette, I love the lace detailing and bralettes are so good for making you feel as sexy as you look!


A current fashion  must-have for yours truly, this bodycon dress compliment the models’ figure perfectly and the colour is so bold and beautiful! I really love the sexy corset strings style at the top of the dress too.


“There’s no place like home” Ok so I’d definitely quote the Wizard of Oz if I ever wore these shoes but still, they’re so unusual and unique I think they’re a definite must have!


I really want to buy a cape! I’m loving them at the moment thanks to Blair Waldorf and this red crepe cape looks stylish, sexy and professional.


A hooded cardigan? Yes please! It’s about time someone finally made a cardigan with a hood on it, I mean honestly is it asking too much? Ah I love you whoever created this.


Wow! This trench coat looks incredible, a real show stopper! It makes me think of Pretty Little Liars- I could totally see one of the characters in this coat!


….. Ok none of you can buy this because it’s MINE!!
Fine you can buy it, to be fair it’s oh my god amazing! It’s like an affordable Chanel bag and the colour is fantastic- a definite must have!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, all the above fashion/accessories are from, Primark, and Select. Remember to follow my blog so you don’t miss any future posts 🙂 xx