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Etsy Jewellery To get You Hyped for Halloween

There’s something alluring about Halloween; The dress up, the makeup, it’s really exciting no matter how old you are. If you can’t wait until October 31st to show your love for this holiday then fear not, Etsy has got you covered with some unique pieces.


These skeleton hands with a rose are enchanting, I don’t know what it is there’s just really something quite unique about these- normally you would just see the skeleton hands but the use of the roses really gives it that much needed extra something.

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I love these! They’re daring, delightful and very bewitching…. See what I did there?

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This headpiece is magnificent, if you’re going for a kind of spider theme look this year then you need this head piece for your ensemble. I’m thinking a spider queen look would suit this head piece perfectly.

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I have to admit I have no idea this was a pin at first, but it certainly would make a scary addition to your wardrobe. I like that is’s anatomically correct too, not all Halloween jewellery has to be quirky and cutesy.

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I would personally love this bracelet, it’s absolutely precious and it’s amazingly simple- it sums up the holiday completely.

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Love everything about Halloween? Then you’ll love this charm bracelet! It has everything, ghosts, zombies, tombstones – the works!

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Let’s face it, sugar skulls are going to be everywhere come the 31st so you might as well embrace it! This charming little necklace will make a delightful addition to your look.

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Just look at that menacing gargoyle! It’s simply divine and I would never have thought about associating gargoyles with Halloween even though how scary/creepy they can be! Definitely a unique pair of earrings.

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What an exquisite necklace, I would honestly wear this any day not just for Halloween. It’s mesmerizing and compelling. I would love to own this necklace!

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Can’t forget some fangs now can I…

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These quirky cauldron earrings are ideal for stirring up magic on Halloween, and if you’re dressing as a witch this year then what’s a witch without her cauldron?

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I’m mesmerized by the beauty of those roses, the blood red complimented so perfectly by the midnight black- astonishing.

Love it? Get it here


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Step Up Your Shoe Game with These Shoes from River Island

If you’re looking for new shoes, or an excuse to buy new shoes, River Island has got you covered! Checkout these absolute must-haves to step up your shoe game!


It’s never too early to start shopping for Christmas, especially if it’s for yourself…. These glittery shoes are perfect for the festive season approaching.


Kitten heels are still really popular at the moment, and I don’t think they’re going away any time soon. These white kitten heels are perfect for any occasion – P.S they’re limited edition so you’d better hurry.


These loafers look a lot like a pair of dolly shoes I purchased so if I at some point call them dolly shoes and forget to proof read I apologise, they’re loafers!. Now then, these look very comfortable, people often forget you can have nice shoes as well as comfortable- especially at work. It’s not all about heels.


There’s something about sock boots that adds instant chic to your ensemble, I certainly love them for workwear looks, this pair would be perfect for the office.


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Hats You Should be Wearing Right Now

I don’t know about you but when it’s windy outside I like to wear a hat in order to try and stop my hair from becoming a mega mess! Or if it’s just cold and I want to keep warm as well as looking stylish, so here are some stylish hats you need to add to your wardrobe as soon as!


This is such a cute cabby hat! I love the colour and the model looks fantastic.
From forever21


Major vintage vibes with this Bakerboy hat (love that adorable name too). It looks chic, stylish and would look even better pair with dark clothes.


Go bold or go home, this beret screams Paris chic!


There’s a real subtlety to this beret, it’s elegant and very feminine. Perfect for that more subtle overall look. I’d pair with a grey coat for a really stylish look.
From Accessorize


That bow is adorable! Another hat that just screams vintage, it looks so cute and would make a fabulous gift for someone.
From Accessorize


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Jewellery Picks from John Lewis

John Lewis is a brand I’ve not yet purchased from, honestly I’ve always thought of it as more of an older woman kind of store and not really my thing. Having seen some of their fashion featured recently in the Bristol fashion show I was curious as to what else they had on offer….

Take a look at these beautiful jewellery pieces:



These abstract flowers look incredibly elegant, they’re glass too! Definitely a statement piece.


You know me, I cannot resist pearls! Real or fake! They instantly add sophistication to your look and with this modern velvet ribbon detail these pearls will instantly add chic to your look as well as elegance.


This coloured stone collar necklace is stunning, I love how it’s so different, so unique.



John Lewis currently have some amazing art deco themed earrings! If you’re a fan of art deco and you’ve got the money for it check out their collection now.


These have such a dramatic colour block look, you’ll be wearing these for years!


You can never go wrong with a beautiful pair of studs! Huge, eye-catching earrings aren’t for everyone but you can still look glamorous with studs.


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