Keep Cool With These Sunhats From H&M

I’ve never personally been a big fan of sun hats or even any hat really! But lately I’ve found myself liking them more and more! Checkout these sunhats from H&M:


I like that this straw hat isn’t too big- I’ve seen sun hats that are way too over sized and can just look ridiculous rather than fashionable! Plus I think this hat would be perfect for those of you like me who have never worn a sun hat before, it’s like the beginners’ sun hat.

hmprod (1)

Now not everyone wears a hat because of practicality- duh! I think the dark shades really add some chic to this accessory’s look and will add it to your look too! pair with a black and white dress with black sandals.

hmprod (2)

I really like the bow/belt detail on this hat, it really gives it something more. My problem with sunhats before was that they never looked at all fashionable they just looked like something a farmer would wear! But I’m really loving these sunhats from H&M and my opinion of them in general has definitely improved! (By the way, I thought the whole farmer thing when I was really young).


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

Cute Anklets from Accessorize

Checkout these cute anklets from Accessorize to add your Summer/beach wardrobe now!


If you prefer for your jewellery to be somewhat suttle rather than flashy then I think this would be perfect for you. The beads add a kind of 90’s nostalgia and look very cute paired with the sequins.


I love this one! The flowers are so pretty and it would look gorgeous to wear. This is a piece that people will definitely envy!


The “sparkle drops” on this anklet look so delicate and elegant, you almost don’t want to wear it for fear of it breaking or something but it’s too beautiful not to wear! Pair with a white, beach worthy dress and pastel makeup shades.