Fancy dress

Hey lovelies,

So as Halloween approaches but that only means one thing, COSTUMES!

I love planning my outfit for Halloween, it’s a night where you can be completely creative and embrace your inner dark side too ;D

Now, there is a brand new fancy dress shop that has just opened in the galleries in Bristol, called Fun Warehouse. I’ve only been in there once so far for it’s grand opening, but I have to admit they’ve got quite the variety of outfit choice! Not to mention awesome accessories- a crucial part of every costume.

Check them out on Facebook:


Now here’s some good news for all of you that love to budget! Blue Banana currently have their fancy dress outfits for sale and I emphasize on the word sale. The usually expensive, alternative clothing store has tones of costumes on sale as well as matching accessories, make up, etc.


Take this amazing Venetian mask for example, you can easily dress it up, it looks amazing anyway and it’s just Β£1.99 at Blue Banana!

Love this mask but struggling for some outfit inspiration? I recommend the notorious villan A from pretty little liars! A took a similar mask, put on a suit and BAM instant creepy!


Let me know what you’re planning to dress like for Halloween! And if you’re struggling to decide, I’ll be making a future video showing my top costume ideas! πŸ™‚