Top 3 chic scarves from Primark

The weather will soon be getting milder (I hope) but for now it’s still cold enough to need a scarf. Checkout these top 3 pretty scarves from Primark.


Almost everything is covered in embroidery at the moment and it will be easy to coordinate this elegant embroidery effect scarf


This is my personal favourite of the 3, it looks absolutely stunning and perfect for most occasions! You can’t beat an oriental bird print scarf.


This shell foil scarf makes me want to be by the sea side! It’s so cute and if you’re going for a mermaid inspired look this will be the perfect accessory!


Pokemon nails!

Hey lovelies, I’m a massive Pokemon fan and in order to celebrate Pokemon day I thought I’d show you some amazing Pokemon inspired nails! Hope you like πŸ™‚


Starting with my favourite Pokemon, Snorlax! I love these adorable nails and if you’re anything like me then Snorlax is your spirit animal, all you want to do is eat and sleep just like him! ❀


The great thing about Pikachu is the variety of poses he can do! Making for some awesome nail designs with a different look for each nail


Can’t decide on which Pokemon to pick? I know the feeling! How about these simple yet eye catching Pokeball nails?


Or a Pokeball and the classic starter Pokemon!


These Togepi nails are so cute! Absolutely love them!


Going back to variety, the eeveelutions are perfect for whatever mood you’re in, or just have them all if you can’t decide! Very creative looking


I love these nails because it’s such a mixture of Pokemon and they just look fantastic!


Hope you’ve enjoyed this post lovelies! Be sure to follow my blog for future posts like this πŸ™‚