5 Makeup items to have in your makeup bag

#1. Compact Mirror


You’d be surprised how many girls forget/don’t have compact mirrors, relying on bathroom mirrors or hoping a friend will have one spare. Seriously, the most expensive compact mirror I’ve personally come across has costed ยฃ1.50, it’s not going to break the bank is it?

#2. Mascara


Mascara can instantly add a more awake look to your appearance, the last thing you want is for people to keep asking you if you’re tired/ill.

#3. Lippyย 


Lip: stick, gloss, balm, crayons- there’s LOADS of options! Any that you pick can make such a difference to your appearance, plus if you have cracked lips the lippy will hide this (if you’re self conscious about it).

#4. Eyebrow Gelย 


Perfect eyebrows can be such a confidence booster, and eyebrow gel is perfect for quick touch ups. Almost everyone is obsessed with the appearance of their eyebrows nowadays and gel is perfect for creating a smooth look if you’re in a rush.

#5. Go to Nail Polish

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My personal go-to nail polish colour is black, simply because black goes well with everything and if I’ve got something important to do at the last minute and my nails have like half-picked pink nail polish on them black will cover it nicely. It’s always good to have a nail polish spare in case you’re invited to an interview with short notice too, appearance is especially important for interviews.

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