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5 Things I’m Happy About! #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Hey lovelies,

As part of mental health awareness week I decided it would be a good idea to write about 5 things I’m happy about that have all happened this week! (5 things for 5 days of the week). I hope you enjoy!

#1. I have an interview next week

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I seriously need a job, like now! And luckily I’ve got an interview next week which will hopefully be successful! Wish me luck!

#2. I joined Avon

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Some Avon reps were recruiting the other day, it caught my attention and mid way through my conversation with a rep I puked up! Yes, that’s the story of how I joined Avon!

#3. Matthew Gray Gubler….In these hilarious videos!

These are honestly hilarious! He’s such a douche in these videos they’re brilliant! If you need some cheering up/ a good laugh and you’re a Gubler fan WATCH THESE VIDEOS!

#4. I got to see my Nan today


I love going to see my nan, she’s funny, supportive and has always taken my side my whole life. Plus I get to see my Freddie Teddy too when I’m there and I love my Freddie Teddy!

#5. I’m seeing my Bubby on the weekend


We might be going to the zoo this weekend (if I’m well enough) and of course we always have fun weekends being silly together and eating junk food.


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