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Favourite 3 On Screen Witches

It’s witchy Wednesday! As part of alternative fashion week I’m exploring different types of “alternative” style. Witch fashion was very popular in 2017 and I don’t want it to go away any time soon! So I’m going to explore the culture of witches in fashion; Until then however, take a look at some favourite on screen witches:


Misty Day

I wish Misty was real- I love her so much! She has the natural born gift of of resurgence (the ability to bring the dead back to life) and what does she do with this gift? Brings back the lives of innocent animals who’d been killed. As a fellow animal lover I loved seeing this.
Her bohemian/wanderer/witch style is absolutely enchanting as well as her positive attitude towards nature. Also, can we please take a moment to thank her for bringing back Kyle Spencer!


Hermione Granger

β€œI hope you’re pleased with yourselves. We could have been all killed β€” or worse, expelled.” We’ve all grown up reading/watching Harry Potter and so this is one witch that’s very popular. She’s smart (like freaky smart), loyal and stands up for what she believes in. Who wouldn’t want Hermione as a friend?


Sabrina Spellman

Speaking of witches we grew up with… Sabrina has got to be my all time favourite witch- the first witch I ever saw in fact. She’s half human half witch and lives with her two adorable aunts (aunt Hilda and aunt Zelda).
I think every girl could relate to Sabrina, she wanted to be normal. fit in and deal with high school- Of course there was always something going wrong!
Sabrina taught us so many life lessons; the mean girls always get what’s coming to them, but until then always give as good as you get, embrace your inner weirdo, you only get one life so go for it, be confident!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post πŸ™‚