Must Have Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses can look very sexy and work appropriate at the same time, their stylish, figure-hugging and these are some must have dresses!


You see what I mean by work appropriate? I love the shoes the model’s been given to go with this dress. Add some red to this look and you’ll look work chic.


The pattern on this dress looks gorgeous with the bold black stripe details on the side of it.


Such a cute pattern! You can’t beat a classic check print and you can create a very cute look with this dress!


Red and black are my favourite colours, this dress is perfect for Autumn and you can wear it either at work or just casually. If wearing casually, I’d suggest wearing some chunky black boots with it.


I’ve mentioned this dress a few times on my blog, the bold red looks incredible and would look so bad-ass at work!


The cold shoulder sleeves look amazing on this dress and again the black stripes really help it to stand out- for all the right reasons.


I’m not crazy about the dip hem detail but the rest of the dress I think looks very stylish with a hint of vintage.


This dress is so cute and sexy! I love the collar on it and the pattern is gorgeous- a definite must have for your work wardrobe.


All of the dresses above are from Select, remember to follow my blog for future posts such as this



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