Add Some Magic to Your Life with These Harry Potter Accessories from Primark

I love watching Harry Potter movies, Hogwarts truly is a home and the books turned a generation to reading! If you’re a potter fan like me then I’m sure you’ll love these accessories from Primark.


Show some support to your house/fellow Gryffindors with this cute keyring! It costs just £3 and is also quite subtle if you don’t want muggles to notice it!.


A stylish canvas bag with all the houses on it, I really like this because again it’s subtle and shows a true love of Hogwarts. £3


This satchel is gorgeous and super chic, I love how it’s just in time for the fall and looks very professional- you could certainly wear this bag to work and everyone would appreciate your look. £12


Keep your makeup safe with this cute Ravenclaw makeup bag, you should totally buy the Harry Potter makeup brushes to match with it! £4


Someone’s birthday coming up? Stuck for ideas? A wallet is probably a classic birthday present idea and any Potter fan would love to get this. £6


Perfect for back to school shopping, I really like the red and black stripes on this backpack; This could also be a gift idea for if someone has a birthday coming up. £12.


Embrace your inner Hufflepuff with this cute canvas bag, I really love the yellow strap! It’s so simple yet so cute. £3


Or, show the muggles who’s superior with this Slytherin canvas bag, just don’t style your hair like Bellatrix Lestrange…… £3.


Remember, “It is our choices that show us what we truly are far more than our abilities” – Albus Dumbledore 





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