Add Some Magic to Your Life with These Harry Potter Accessories from Primark

I love watching Harry Potter movies, Hogwarts truly is a home and the books turned a generation to reading! If you’re a potter fan like me then I’m sure you’ll love these accessories from Primark.


Show some support to your house/fellow Gryffindors with this cute keyring! It costs just ยฃ3 and is also quite subtle if you don’t want muggles to notice it!.


A stylish canvas bag with all the houses on it, I really like this because again it’s subtle and shows a true love of Hogwarts. ยฃ3


This satchel is gorgeous and super chic, I love how it’s just in time for the fall and looks very professional- you could certainly wear this bag to work and everyone would appreciate your look. ยฃ12


Keep your makeup safe with this cute Ravenclaw makeup bag, you should totally buy the Harry Potter makeup brushes to match with it! ยฃ4


Someone’s birthday coming up? Stuck for ideas? A wallet is probably a classic birthday present idea and any Potter fan would love to get this. ยฃ6


Perfect for back to school shopping, I really like the red and black stripes on this backpack; This could also be a gift idea for if someone has a birthday coming up. ยฃ12.


Embrace your inner Hufflepuff with this cute canvas bag, I really love the yellow strap! It’s so simple yet so cute. ยฃ3


Or, show the muggles who’s superior with this Slytherin canvas bag, just don’t style your hair like Bellatrix Lestrange…… ยฃ3.


Remember, “It is our choices that show us what we truly are far more than our abilities” – Albus Dumbledoreย 





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