Monthly Favourites

Hello lovelies,

Checkout this month’s favourites! Fashion, jewellery, makeup- let me know which ones are your favourite šŸ™‚


Pearls are an absolute must-have (especially for me), they can add instant sophistication to your look as well as elegance and grace. Ā£2 from Primark.


This fluffy cuff looks like something out of scream queens! (series 1, when the fashion was incredible). It also kind of reminds me of clueless when Cher has that fluffy pink pen, if you’re a fan of either I think you’ll definitely love this cuff. Ā£3 from Primark


Unicorn makeup brushes! These look so beautiful and just beg you to use them! Ā£13 from Forever21


These thigh-high socks are so cute, I really like the lilac colour! Match with some cute white heels for a girly/preppy look. Ā£5 from Forever21


How cute is this little party hat hair clip? And with Halloween soon approaching it’ll be perfect for if you’re going as a clown/jester. Ā£3 from Forever21

R35397151964882-largeĀ nrm_1404761280-cos-03-aria-earrings

These gold drop down earrings remind me of a pair of earrings worn by Lucy Hale in an episode of Pretty Little Liars (pictured above). Ā£4 from Primark.


Oooh I really like this sleeveless waterfall cardigan, I think it’ll really add some chic to your look and would highly recommend pairing it with black garments such as a black top, trousers, etc. Ā£8 from Primark.


Silky smooth boots? Yes please! I absolutely love the royal blue colour of these boots, they look gorgeous and very fashionable! Ā£16 from Primark.


This two tone bodycon dress is heaven! It’s so fashionable and you can easily accessorize it with a bold red lipstick, black/white shoes the possibilities are endless. Ā£22 from Amazon.


Lipsticks with a light/baby pink shade are my go-to shades, this glittery matte sugar pink lipstick looks adorable, flirty and fun. Ā£1.50 from Primark.




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