Red Hot Fashion!

Red is the IT colour right now and here’s some red hot fashion pieces you need to add to your wardrobe right now.


This military jacket is certainly unique with its puffy sleeves! An interesting new take to a classic piece.


I really like the detail to this Asymetric mini skirt, it certainly stands out more than a normal mini skirt. Perfect to wear in the office.


I’m so in love with the bow detail on these trousers! It’s adorable! Pair with a black blazer and look totally bad ass at work.


Such a feminine bralette, I love the lace detailing and bralettes are so good for making you feel as sexy as you look!


A current fashion Β must-have for yours truly, this bodycon dress compliment the models’ figure perfectly and the colour is so bold and beautiful! I really love the sexy corset strings style at the top of the dress too.


“There’s no place like home” Ok so I’d definitely quote the Wizard of Oz if I ever wore these shoes but still, they’re so unusual and unique I think they’re a definite must have!


I really want to buy a cape! I’m loving them at the moment thanks to Blair Waldorf and this red crepe cape looks stylish, sexy and professional.


A hooded cardigan? Yes please! It’s about time someone finally made a cardigan with a hood on it, I mean honestly is it asking too much? Ah I love you whoever created this.


Wow! This trench coat looks incredible, a real show stopper! It makes me think of Pretty Little Liars- I could totally see one of the characters in this coat!


….. Ok none of you can buy this because it’s MINE!!
Fine you can buy it, to be fair it’s oh my god amazing! It’s like an affordable Chanel bag and the colour is fantastic- a definite must have!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, all the above fashion/accessories are from, Primark, and Select. Remember to follow my blog so you don’t miss any future posts πŸ™‚ xx


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