Wedding Season Is Upon Us!

Yup, it’s wedding season! Invitations to summer weddings are rolling in, and you need something cute to wear to all of them. Should you opt for a glammed-up gown? An adorable mini dress? Something alternative? Here’s my advice on what to wear!

When going to an event such as a wedding it’s important to look your best but not to out-shine the bride herself! If you’re going with a date it’s good to coordinate also!


Now despite the rain we’ve been having it’s Summer- no really, it is- and so here’s what I’d recommend for attending a Summer Wedding:



This floral print dress looks elegant and won’t piss off any bridezillas near by! Pair with some colour-pop accessories and you’ll look perfect! I would suggest bright makeup with a bright coloured purse (like orange, or a bold pink).
This dress is from Monsoon and costs just Β£32.70


Prints not your thing? How about this dress? It has a kind of Alice in Wonderland vibe to it- like Alice evening wear- Or even Cinderella! Match with silver accessories and you’ll be photo ready.
Again from Monsoon, costing just Β£29.70


Lace garments are perfect for hot weather, and this lace skater dress looks gorgeous. It’s simple yet beautiful. It’s from and costs Β£30


This chiffon skater dress is available in two colours however the second colour is a bit too bridal looking in my opinion so I would advise to purchase it in the dark blue colour. I really love how the model is wearing it, she’s not too flashy but it certainly catches your eye! You’ll definitely feel glamorous in this beautiful dress.

Is it ok to wear black to a Summer wearing?Β 

A tricky question! Wearing black to a wedding at all is generally discouraged as it’s thought to be rude, you’re not happy about the couple getting married, bla bla bla.

But the question you need to ask is will the couple be offended? Maybe black’s your favourite colour, it looks amazing on you, there’s nothing wrong in asking! The bride might even appreciate it you taking her feels into consideration for the biggest day of her life.

Don’t get me wrong, you may stand out a bit at a Summer wedding if you wear black because most people will be wearing some sort of colour- but you can also use this to stand out for the right reasons


This dress for example looks amazing and I think it would go fabulously with some gold makeup/accessories.

As I mentioned above, I think as long as the couple won’t be offended and you don’t out-shine the bride herself, you’re good to go!

Tip: Maybe ask the bride what her colours for the wedding are so that you can co-ordinate your outfit to match the palette. For example, my colours were going to be red, white and black so if you’re bride has these colours too perhaps ask if it would be ok to wear something black or red!


Guys, the best thing you can do in these situations- ASK YOUR PARTNER! It will save time, tears and tantrums! If you’re going stag however you’ll still want to dress to impress because there’s always lots of people at weddings.


When it comes to suits, make sure they fit you perfectly! Too short looks awful and too long just looks wrong. This two piece tailored suit looks very sexy and stylish! A charming charcoal shade, I would personally wear it with a silver/grey tie as the colours will compliment each other nicely.
The suit is from Burton and costs Β£79.00


Formal wear for men isn’t very accommodating for hot weather sadly but instead of a suit jacket how about a stylish waistcoat? You’ll still look good and won’t get too sweaty!
Again from Burton and costs Β£35.00


Try to find a tie that compliments your eyes/ complexion as well your suit, this blue textured tie looks great and if you have green eyes I think it’ll really help you stand out to all the ladies there.

Tip:Β Avoid silly ties: You may think the groom will find it hilarious but the event is no joke, the couples grand children will be looking at these photos one day and you don’t want to stand out as the guy with the ugly tie. Yes the groom may find it funny, but will the bride like it? It’s really her big day after all and you don’t want to get on the wrong side of your friend’s now wife- she calls the shots as to when he can go out!

Married couple fighting.


I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post, all the fashion above is from Monsoon,, and Burton.

Need some more inspiration for Wedding fashion? Check out this amazing site:Β bonobos

Bonobos have got some stylish menswear fashion perfect for Summer.

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