Checkout Some Of Primark’s New Fall Fashion

Can we please take a moment to appreciate fall fashion? I love it! Primark have already brought out some of their fall fashion and I wanted to share it with all you.


Recently featured in my Monday Moodboard, this royal blue ankle boot looks amazing! It’ll definitely add some chic to your look!


Burgundy is a classic fall colour, this messenger bag is so preppy and perfect for that first day at the new job.


I’m really loving bodycon dresses lately and this red looks killer! Pair with matching red lipstick, winged eyeliner and wavy/curly hair.


Possibly the ultimate garment for a fall wardrobe- this pinny just needs some accessoring and your good to go- Pair with a long sleeve top, knee high socks, and some cute shoes for the perfect look!


This is such a cute skirt! And red looks great with either black or white so pair with colour complimenting clothes/accessories. I really like that you could wear this casually or even to work.


Pretty soon the weather will start to become colder, yes it’s kind of sad but it also means big hoodies are back! This hoodie looks so cute I love it. It’s perfect for something to just throw on but still look good.


Another great garment for both casual and work wear, pair with tan/brown ankle boots and you’re good to go!


I’ve actually purchased this jacquard crop top, it looks very professional and you could wear the red skirt above with it for a very chic look.



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