Work Tops for Hot Weather

Let’s be honest, it can be tricky to dress professionally yet stay cool in hot weather. These tops from Primark look gorgeous, professional and are perfect to stay cool in the heat!


No sleeves and a very light looking fabric, this top is perfect for work in the Summer and is a gorgeous shade of blue.


I absolutely love this floral peplum top, it’s eye-catching, pretty, and was recently featured in one of my Monday Moodboards. I’d definitely recommend purchasing.


Keep it simple yet professional with this red sleeveless vest, pair with some white/beige work trousers and look office chic!


Cami tops are made with very light material meaning they’re ideal for keeping you cool, some managers may not think they look professional enough though so be cautious before you purchase- you don’t want to buy something only to end up never being able to wear it.


All of these tops can be purchased from Primark and cost Β£10 or under πŸ™‚


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