Fashion Favourites from Nasty Gal

After absolutely adoring GirlBoss on Netflix I of course had to check out the notorious website nasty gal! Here are some of my favourite pieces from the collection Anti- Prom:


These chunky, vegan boots look amazing! Pair with a white- girly looking dress and you’ll look totally bad-ass! Plus thumbs up for the vegan leather!


Add some 80’s glamour to your look with this Night Fever jacket, it’s different, looks fantastic and definitely something you’ll want to keep.


Holy shit I’m in love! Purple, satin boots?! Yes please!!!!


This glitter slip dress reminds me of the year 2000, when glitter was on everything- like it is now actually! It’s a simple look that’ll never go out of style.


Do you remember the killer fembots from Austin Powers? These boots just scream that at me!


I actually have a metallic skirt just like this one and so if my style is something you like then you’ll probably love this skirt too! Pair with some big hair and metallic eyeshadow.


Gorgeously Gothic, this dress looks incredible. I really love the idea of keeping the Goth look and adding some vamp inspired makeup.


If it’s a vintage look you’re after then these lace boots are ideal! They look exactly like something Madonna herself would wear- Lace gloves anyone?


All of these pieces and more of the collection can be viewed here:


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