Face Jewels/ Gems: Where to buy them?

Face jewels/ gems are such a fun looking and creative trend! I personally would like to try them but would they suit me? Let me know! In the mean time, if you’d like to try some here are the best face jewels/gems to purchase:


Perfect for a fun festival look, I really love the variety that’s on offer. The above face jewels are from prettylittlething.com and you should definitely check them out because of their range of jewels!


Primark has delivered once again! And the best part is, they have so much glittery makeup available for sale at the moment that finding complimentary makeup for your face jewels is easy af 🙂


These gems look like a giant snowflake! They’re unicorn face gems from River Island and I personally would pair these with some dramatic make up looks – like really overly dramatic white eyes.


Lottie London is gradually grabbing more and more of my attention, I really like these face gems because I think it’s brilliant for beginners! They’re more subtle than some of the other ones I’ve shown, it promises all day wear and they cost just £2.99 at Superdrug- Perfect.


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