Summer Holiday Essentials

Hello lovely people, I’m going on holiday soon and so I thought to share with you all my Summer holiday essentials. Hope you enjoy!


So let’s start with the basics, sun protection! So many people think I’ll buy it once I’m on holiday and then on the way they get sun burnt!


My personal favourite for Sun protection is this sun cream spray from Garnier- It’s not messy or excessive which most sun creams’ often are! You get the amount of coverage that you want, not too much, not too little. However, you’ll need to bare in mind that you need to re-apply if you go swimming or anything like that.


Ok so one year I had this really awful sunburn and I’d never used after sun care before- mostly because I’d never even heard of it!
A friend let me borrow this after sun lotion from Garnier and oh my god it helped! It was soothing, fast working and it smelled amazing!
I would highly recommend this protect if you’ve got a sunburn.


Deodorant is crucial in hot weather! We sweat, it’s gross and we don’t want to smell bad. Nivea is well known for protecting sensitive skin and roll on is usually much better then a spray deodorant because you get better coverage.


Nothing is better than a nice cool shower after a hot day! Remember to stock up on shower gel, the more activities you’ll be doing on holiday the more showers will be required!!


Plasters are yet another thing people completely forget about until they’re desperately needed! I hate having a cut and no plaster to cover it up with so if you’re like me, stock up on them.


When it comes to makeup and hot weather I think the best mascara to use is anything that’s waterproof. You don’t want to go swimming, forget you’ve got mascara on and end up looking like Alice Cooper.


These are just some of my personal Summer essentials, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, please follow my blog for future posts like this 🙂


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