My Go-To Nail Polish Colour

Hello lovelies,

So this is just a post about my go-to nail polish colour, I hope you enjoy!

When I need to paint my nails (either because there’s half picked nail polish on them or I just want them coloured) my go to colour of choice is black:


That’s not me by the way, although I love the black and gold rings! But yes, I just think black is the best go-to shade because it’s perfect for adding a bit of grunge to your look, it can look more professional at interviews and plus we all know that black goes well with everything.

Also, I really love mixing it up and having black and white nails, it really adds something to your look and turns a simple style into something much cooler/prettier/creative.

I have to admit though, the only down side to having black nails is it can get boring- fast, like if it’s a nice sunny day you’ll think your nails look too dark for such gorgeous bright weather.

But still, in an emergency it will always be my go-to shade πŸ™‚

What’s your favourite go-to nail colour? Let me know πŸ™‚


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