Add Some Chic to Your Home/Office with these Accessories

I love finding perfect knick-knacks for either my room, my desk, anything really! I’m a sucker for something unique/quirky. If you’re anything like me you’ll probably like these cute accessories that are perfect for adding some instant chic-ness


How fun do these pineapple LED lights look?! I think they’d be perfect for if you’re having a BBQ or any kind of party in the Summer.


A weekly planner could be very useful for in work! To remind you of important meetings you may need to prepare for or deadlines you’d better not miss!


I love this photo clip frame, it’s so easy to switch your photos and would be adorable in your home.


Such a fun twist on an old classic! Certainly a conversation starter too if you’re the type of person who loves to show off their knick-knacks šŸ™‚


I actually purchased this artificial Orchid, it looks beautiful and is the perfect accessory to have on a desk or in a window.



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