Favourite Swimwear from Primark

I don’t know about you but I’m spending a lot of my time wishing I was on a beach given the lovely warm weather we’ve had lately!

Now obviously you’ll need to look the part, and what better time to start looking then now? Checkout some of Primark’s swimwear.

R35397152959979-large R35397152960098-large

This is such a fun-looking bikini, I love the choice of colours used with the colour block.


Flamingos are literally everywhere at the moment so you might as well embrace it!


A flattering palm print bikini, a halter neck can be so much nicer on your shoulders and the cool tones are perfect for hot days.


“Floral twist” swimsuit- I love that name! A swimsuit is perfect for if you’re slightly insecure about your body and this one looks so pretty and feminine no one will think you’re insecure about anything.

R35397152828343-large R35397152830216-large

This crochet bikini is very interesting! The 3 different colours compliment each other well and give a fun, easy-going appearance.


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