Simple Ways To Refresh Your Wardrobe

It’s almost time to start Spring cleaning and there’s no better place to start than with your wardrobe! Checkout my tips on how to refresh your wardrobe


  • “When did I last wear this?” – If the answer to that is over a year ago/can’t remember and you’re not likely to change that any time soon, BIN IT! Let’s face it you don’t wear it and getting rid of it will make room for something you will wear! Or will just give you more space which is always a good thing.Β 


  • “What I can wear with this?” – If you have a garment which you struggle to find co-ordinates for it’s probably best to get rid of this too, if you can’t find anything that looks nice with the garment are you going to wear it at all?


  • “This has sentimental value to me”- That’s fine! We all have something of sentimental value, but does it need to stay in your wardrobe? What about putting it away safely somewhere?Β 



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