My recommended shoes for work

Never underestimate the importance of a good pair of shoes, especially when it comes to the workplace. Your appearance is everything, and that includes your feet!


Take these, a classic pair of white pumps that will make you look elegant and totally professional. They’d match nicely with any vintage garments you have too so perfect for inside and outside of work!


Don’t worry if you can’t walk in skinny stilettos (I can’t either!) so if you’re like me then go for a chunky heel like on these shoes, they give you the height of heels but balance too, total control of your walk. I would suggest pairing these with a short black skirt.


Don’t be afraid to add a little colour to your footwear! It could help you stand out to your managers, make them think you’re creative, bold, both good qualities in an employee. Plus these would look so chic with any fall outfits you create.


The bow and diamante detail on these shoes are adorable! It adds a girly twist to your professional look. Picking flat shoes like these over a pair of heels can often make a better impression, instead of stumbling about towards your interviewer walk up with confidence knowing you look like the boss.


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