New Year New Look

I bet you thought I was gonna write “new me” right? haha! Anyways! Hello again lovelies, with a new year coming soon now would be a perfect time to plan a new look (assuming of course, you want a new look) so here are some tips on how you can change your style.

1. Try a new hair colour – I’m planning on dying my hair orange, why not try a bold colour yourself? Like pink, green or have a combination of colours like Hayley Williams


2. Throw out any clothes you’ve not worn for a year – Let’s face it, if you’ve not worn it for over a year are you really going to wear it again? Getting rid will make room for your new wardrobe.


3. Don’t be afraid to ask other people for their opinions – Some non-biased advice can be really useful when making a change, listen to what other people suggest, for example you might think pastel shades would look plain on you but a friend might think they would look amazing. Give it a try at least!


4. Keep the receipt – Ok so you’re not going to love everything you try, let’s be honest, so keep any receipts you have so that you can return any unwanted items.


5. Research any styles that interest you – If you’re unsure of how to pull a look off research it, I’d recommend Pinterest because you will find amazing outfit ideas and you can even put together a moodΒ board for your new look before you try anything.


6. Don’t get discouraged – Something didn’t look good on you? Who cares? On to the next item!


7. Start off easy – Changing a style can be scary so you’ll want to take it slowly, over time gradually change your look, for example, maybe start with a new hair cut, then start buying more dresses, etc. Baby steps.


8. If you think it looks good that’s all that matters – I’m sure if you’re anything like me you’ll have relatives who’d prefer you in some old fashioned clothes rather than the latest trends, but if you like how you look then ignore them. Your style is a reflection of who you are so be yourself.


9. Get a make over – Not sure how to change your style? Get a make over! This should help you think of what you’d like to wear to go with the new make over.


10. Remember – You look fantastic, you look confident, you look beautiful!



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